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Director's Corner

Pat Fick Mission Trip pictures


I'm writing this article in the London airport as we return from our first Ghana West Africa mission trip.  Getting to Ghana was quite adventurous.  Two of our team members, Katie and Susan, had to expedite their passports, and even though they paid big bucks to do so, the companies were not speedy as promised.   Knowing that we still had to get visas in order to get into the county, we tried tracking Katie's passport and finally got some action, so we paid the big bucks again and expedited her visa application.

Susan lives in Maryland, about 30 miles from the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC.  Even though she lived so close and hoped to personally deliver her visa application, that wasn't an option, so she paid the big bucks to expedite her visa using a delivery service.  The day she completed the application, Satan kept trying to discourage her.  The address from the letter of invitation was difficult to read, the printer didn't work, she went to the wrong place to ship it, the money order store wouldn't take a debit card, and the overnight delivery didn't arrive until three days later.

The week before the trip we had zero of the eight visas we had sent in.  Six of the visas came on Monday (three days before departure).  We received word that Katie's visa would arrive on Wednesday (the day before we left) and praise God it did. 

Susan's visa seemed nowhere to be found, and after two years of no significant snowfall, Wednesday brought a snowfall that closed school (where her visa was delivered to) and the Embassy of Ghana was closed for Ghana Independence Day.  It wasn't looking good, however, Susan's personal devotion Wednesday morning was from Luke 1, "nothing is impossible with God," and God woke me up in the middle of the night with the same message, "Nothing is too difficult for Me.  Everything is possible for he who believes!"  After an intense day of trying to track down her visa, she was able to pick it up from the shipping company one hour before they closed.  Whew!  She changed her flight to Austin to Thursday morning (instead of Wednesday evening) and was able to meet the group at the Austin airport.

It took some desperate measures to get this trip on the road.  Kind of reminds me that Jesus took desperate measures to save us, his enemies:  temptation in the wilderness, agony in the garden, scourging, mocking, a rigged trial, and finally a cruel death on the cross.  "This is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins," 1 John 4:10.   Maybe we should take desperate measures to share His love with the world!

By the way, before we even got to start our project in Ghana we missed a connecting flight in London, arrived a day late, and lost the transmission in our van.  Life is exciting when you are serving our awesome Savior!  God was with us through it all and was glorified!